4 Valuable U.S. State Quarters

Prior to casting the 2000 Sacagawea dollar in limited amounts around the turn of the century, the U.S. Mint

1999-P Experimental Delaware State Quarter

experimented with several alloys, which is why they are exceptionally uncommon (a high-graded specimen went for $4,888 at auction).

1999-P Experimental Delaware State Quarter

Although it's not very hard to locate this coin, its worth comes from how hard it is to find one in pristine condition.

2003-D Maine State Quarter

In 2017, a remarkable specimen of this coin brought $2,300 at Heritage Auctions.

2003-D Maine State Quarter

It is unusual to locate this coin in such pristine condition, which adds to its rarity.

2000-P South Carolina State Quarter

A "broadstruck" manufacturing mistake raises the value of this state quarter to $25, over a hundred times its face value.

1999-P Connecticut State Quarter

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