5 Food Items You Should Always Buy at Walmart

Great Value ice cream comes in 48-ounce containers, or one and a half quarts, for a mere $2.62, or $1.31 a quart.

Ice Cream

Hurst HamBeens dry 15-bean soup costs $4.49 for a 20-ounce bag at Safeway.

Dry Goods

Great Value Twist & Shout cookies, which are equivalent to those sold by Walmart, cost $2.92 for 15.35 ounces.


The smallest store-brand jerky at Walmart costs $18.87 a pound.

Beef Jerky

32-packs of Nutri-Grain brand breakfast bars cost $11.92 at Walmart, which works out to $4.59 per pound ($0.29 per ounce).

Breakfast Bars

For just $7.44, or $2.86 per pound ($0.18 per ounce), it offers 32-packs of its own Great Value brand bars.

Breakfast Bars

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