5 Seemingly Harmless Things That Are Actually Rude

1. Putting Your Cart Down Unattended. While shopping, leaving your cart unattended might not seem like a big deal, especially if you're focused on locating a certain item.

2. Donning a strong scent. Finding a fragrance or cologne that complements your tastes and style is a fun experience.

3. Informing Someone They Appear Slim. When someone says, "You look skinny," it's usually meant as a complement or an observation from the speaker's point of view, and it's never meant maliciously.

4. Disregarding the dress code for the event. Ignoring the dress code at an event shows insensitivity to the host's wishes and the formal or themed nature of the gathering.

5. Not replying to text messages right away. Not replying to a text message right away has become commonplace in the modern era

of communication, frequently because one is preoccupied with work, driving, or thinking of a meaningful response.

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