5 Ways the Rich Waste Money That Poor and Middle-Class People Never Would

1. Designer Apparel & Garments. While the typical millennial may balk at spending more than $50 for a purse, many of

the richest people in the planet don't hesitate to shell out hundreds of dollars for a high-end designer handbag.

2. Perfect Parties. While it's common to want to throw a flawless party to wow friends and family, the wealthy go above and above.

3. Luxury Cars. However, it's possible that wealthy people are more inclined to spend money on luxury cars.

4. Stylish Pets. Having a pet is not just for wealthy people.

5. Soft Comforts. Many people detest doing the monotonous chore of traveling to the grocery shop or the never-ending laundry loads that appear to accumulate every week.

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