6 Compliments You Didn’t Realize Are Actually Pretty Insulting

1. Condescending remarks. Giving a praise usually has no negative consequences and actually improves the recipient's mood.

2. "You're on time, hey!" You might believe you're encouraging excellent conduct when you tell your pals who are notoriously late for events, but your "compliment" will probably have the opposite impact.

3. "I'm really impressed with how well you are managing the kids!" It may come off as surprising that you're impressed with your spouse's parenting abilities if you tell them you're so impressed with their overall approach.

4. "You are such a powerful individual!" When someone is going through a difficult situation, we want to show them our support and faith in their capacity to get through it.

5. "For a woman, you drive amazingly wonderfully!" This “compliment” has many nauseating variations

6. "You handled that project on your own with amazing skill!"

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