6 Myths About Dogs That Just Aren't True

1. Dogs lack color vision. Dogs are not totally colorblind, despite what the general public believes.

2. A dog gets unwell if its nose is warm. A warm or dry nose does not always signify disease, even if a cold, wet nose is frequently linked to good health.

3. Dogs only consume grass when they are ill. Even while some dogs may eat grass when they're sick, this doesn't necessarily mean they're sick.

4. A dog that wags its tail is pleased all the time. A wagging tail may signal a variety of feelings and intents in addition to happiness and enthusiasm.

5. Dogs that are older cannot learn new skills. Despite popular belief, senior dogs may acquire new skills and habits with the right guidance and perseverance.

6. Dogs ought should only consume raw meat. Although some dog owners decide to feed their pets a raw diet, there are other appropriate options for feeding dogs.

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