6 Seemingly Harmless Items That Can Destroy Your Washing Machine

1. Too much detergent. Cleaner clothing don't necessarily result from using more detergent.

2. Scent beads and fabric softener. Although they may leave your clothing feeling and smelling amazing, they can damage your machine by clogging the hoses and damaging the sensors.

3. Especially little things, such as handkerchiefs, shoe strings, baby socks, and footie socks

4. Excessive furnishings (such as carpets, blankets, and comforters). Your washer may suffer if you attempt to fit an item that is too big—such as a king-size blanket—into it.

5. Sneakers. Certain shoes may be machine washed, according to their care guidelines.

6. Metal objects (such as coins, keys, and belt buckles). Metal and washing machines don't often mix nicely.

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