Are pricier, higher-end styling products really better for your hair?

There's a reason that "protein" is listed as an ingredient in practically every shampoo available. The building elements of hair

growth and reconstructive agents are proteins. Because more premium brands are more expensive, they don't pack on the

proteins. These products can remove hair. More expensive products do include more proteins, which are said to fortify hair.

However, if your hair is already dry and brittle, increasing the amount of protein you use might exacerbate the condition and

increase breaking. Thus, be sure the product you choose has the proper balance. To help seal in hydration, search for a product

that has a little bit of protein mixed in with other moisturizers in the ingredients list. Thanks to the Internet, you can now become

more knowledgeable about substances. Always keep in mind that a product isn't necessarily superior just because it costs more money.

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