Are Sprouted Onions Safe To Eat?

Onions are safe to consume in all parts, unlike potatoes, whose mature plant is harmful to people. Therefore, if you notice green

sprouts emerging from your vegetables, you shouldn't be concerned. Actually, there's no need for you to take them out.

While onion sprouts taste somewhat similar to scallions or green onions, they are not the same. Thus, go ahead and slice them up

and use them into your meals. Although sprouted onions are typically safe to consume, there are a few things you should be

aware of. The onion uses the inherent sugars in the bulb to supply enough nutrition for the sprouts to thrive. This will

gradually rob a fresh onion of its sharp flavor. It should not really matter if you are cooking the onions. However, because the onions would taste more astringent when prepared fresh, we

would advise against using them. It should go without saying that if your sprouting onions are getting mushy, oozing juice, or starting to grow mildew, you should throw them out (or compost them!).

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