How often should your garden be watered?

Every gardener, no matter how inexperienced, knows how important it is to water their plants. A garden may flourish from the beginning if the irrigation is done correctly. Conversely,

making a mistake frequently results in over- or under-watering.  Every plant in a garden has different water needs. While veggies need regular watering, many plants, like cactus, can survive in dry

conditions. In addition, there are additional aspects of plant watering to take into account. Take the local weather, for instance. Is it rainy a lot? If it does, there's no need to water

frequently. It is advisable to use the hose if it doesn't. In addition to this, plant location is quite important. In

comparison to outside plants, indoor plants require less watering. Depending on the type, indoor plants

only require a few times a month of watering. However, plants that are kept outside have increased thirst and require frequent watering.

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