How To Make More Money: 6 Ways for 2024

1. Request a raise from your boss. Start with requesting more money if you wish to increase your income in 2024.

2. Receive Cash Back. If you use your cash-back rewards credit card to make regular purchases, you may transform those purchases into opportunities to earn money.

3. Increase the Return on Your Investments. It's crucial to minimize the effect that investing fees are having on your account balance if you're putting a lot of effort into your retirement savings.

4. Take Part in Online Surveys and Focus Groups. Attending focus groups conducted by market research organizations in your free time might earn you extra money.

5. Engage in affiliate marketing or market research. Getting market research is probably more profitable than actually doing it.

6. Resell items from thrift stores online. Purchasing goods from thrift stores and reselling them online for a profit is an easy method to earn some money.

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