How to use makeup to cover pimple redness

Before contacting your skin, carefully wash your hands. Wash and apply moisturizer to the skin. Put on foundation, if you choose to

wear it. Typically, this won't be full-coverage makeup (occasionally, wearing more makeup might reveal flaws). Try a

tinted moisturizer or another foundation with a lighter coverage instead. Select a concealer color based on the flaw. You should

search for a concealer with a consistency similar to putty. Certain cosmetic brands include green color-correcting concealers, which

might be useful for red pimples in particular. If not, it will be beneficial to match the concealer cover as nearly as possible to

your skin tone. Apply concealer over the pimple and around it using a tiny, clean makeup brush, being sure to blend it in evenly

with the surrounding skin. Use powder to set the concealer. It could be necessary for you to use many layers of concealer at times. Applying one coat of concealer, waiting