Is regular fertilizing good or bad for your garden?

The general health and well-being of plants is greatly influenced by the application of fertilizer. The reason for this is that fertilizers

provide plants the essential nutrients they need to grow. In light of this, it's important to know when to fertilize and when to

ignore a plant. It all comes down to the amount of fertilizer needed by a plant to survive. Certain plants require frequent

fertilization, but others can flourish with a yearly application. In summary, identify the type of plant early on and establish a

fertilization program accordingly. Finding out what kind of fertilizer a plant requires is just as important as knowing how

much of it. Why? It's because certain plants need a certain kind of fertilizer in order to grow well. For instance, there is a unique fertilizer designed just for fruit plants.

In addition, the function of the fertilizer should be considered while responding to this gardening query. Look for fertilizers that aid in increasing the output of veggies.

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