Laptop vs. Tablet: Which is Right for You?

The way you want to utilize your new system will determine which of the many benefits and drawbacks tablets and laptops have to

offer. For instance, some users think a tablet's touch screen is perfect for casual web browsing, while others would rather use a

laptop's physical keyboard over the virtual, on-screen keyboard on a tablet. Actually, there isn't a "correct" response. Your unique

preferences will determine the benefits and negatives. Only the conventional "slate" tablet form factor—which is small, one-sided,

and devoid of a keyboard—and laptops are compared. Additionally, manufacturers provide "2 in 1s," or hybrid tablet-

laptop devices. Thus, in the following analysis, a 2 in 1 that can be used as a laptop or tablet may be your

best choice if a laptop obtains an advantage because of its keyboard, quicker CPU, or something similar.

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