The 4 Prettiest Small Towns in the U.S.

More daring individuals can ascend to the summit of the peak, from where, on a clear day, views stretch all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Mt. Shasta, California

The town is a well-liked location for tourists who want to enjoy the outdoors because it has several parks and beaches.

Cape May, New Jersey

Capitola made the list despite being somewhat larger than the average little town because of its unmatched charm. Not only is

Capitola, California

Capitola a charming little town on the coast of Northern California, but it's also one of the friendliest in the country.

Capitola, California

Every structure in this town contributes to its reputation as one of the "prettiest" in the country,

Rosemary Beach, Florida

from the majestic mansions on the beach to the little cottages in the center of town.

Rosemary Beach, Florida

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