The 5 Best Breakfast Foods to Help You Lose Weight

1. Berries. Eight grams of fiber from a cup of raspberries is more than twice as much as from a cup of strawberries and around the same as from a half cup of black beans.

2. Oatmeal. Does eating oatmeal aid with weight loss? It most definitely can! Because of its high fiber content, it prolongs your feelings of fullness.

3. Yogurt.  Among them was yogurt! Compared to simple carbs, protein—including the naturally occurring

whey protein found in yogurt and other dairy products—is more satisfying and takes longer to digest.

4. Almond butter. Additionally rich in fiber and protein, nuts can help you lose weight by keeping you fuller for longer.

5. Eggs. A big egg has 72 calories and 6 g of protein.

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