Unplug These 6 Items That Hike Up Your Electricity Bill

A significant problem is that certain gadgets continue to use power even after they are "turned off."

Random Energy Suckers

If your fishpond isn't currently home to any fish, you probably can't shut it down, but you can save your energy expenses by getting an energy-efficient pump.

Fish Pond Equipment

When no one is usually using hot water, such in the middle of the night, plug your hot water recirculation pump into a timer and set it to turn off the pump.

Hot Water Recirculation Pump

Unplugging infrequently used boxes, such a box in a guest bedroom, can help reduce energy use.

Set-Top Box

It's not too difficult to unplug audio equipment like boom boxes, amplifiers, stereos, and internet radio receivers while not in use.

Audio/Visual Gear

When not in use, unplug fans, and use a timed fan instead so it doesn't run all night while you sleep.


When not in use, there's really no reason to leave a light on.

24/7 Lights

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