What Foods Are High in Cholesterol?

1. Eggs: It has long been recommended that those on heart-healthy diets stay away from entire eggs since the yolks contain dietary cholesterol.

2. Processed Meats: A lot of processed meats, which include items like hot dogs, jerky, bacon, sausage, and deli meat, are high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

3. Shellfish: Shrimp and other shellfish have very low levels of saturated fat and very high levels of dietary cholesterol.

4. Butter: While consuming extra butter may be encouraged by the ketogenic diet, the high-fat spread won't help you reduce your LDL cholesterol levels.

5. Red Meat: Consuming more red meat, such as lamb, hog, and beef, is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and raised LDL cholesterol.

6. Liver: It makes sense that one of the foods with the highest dietary cholesterol content is liver. The liver is the organ in humans that produces cholesterol.

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