What's the difference between age spots and sun spots?

This is a crucial topic because knowing the difference between age spots and sun spots—or "liver" spots, as our grandparents

used to call them—will help us decide whether to consult a doctor. Both spots often show up on sun-exposed regions such

the face, hands, arms, and shoulders. Age spots can be pink, tan, or brown in appearance. They are often oval-shaped and larger

than freckles. They frequently occur in groups. Although they might be ugly, age spots are not harmful. Sun spots appear in a

range of hues and are referred to as actinic keratoses in medicine. The texture is the primary distinction between sun spots (actinic keratoses) and benign age spots. While actinic

keratoses, which can be harmful, typically feel rough and scaly, age spots are smooth and flat. It's critical that you report any actinic keratoses

to your doctor as they have the potential to progress into skin cancer. Additionally, it's a good idea to mention any skin changes you're unsure about.

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